While other little girls wanted to be teachers or Mommies, ballerinas or princesses, 8 year old me wanted nothing more than to grow up and get paid to read books.  My favorite place in the world was the library and on family camping trips, I was often found sunning myself on a big rock near the lake, nose stuck firmly in a book.  While my dream job didn’t pan out as hoped, my love of reading never faltered and many a good book has kept me company on late nights, plane rides and fishing trips.

When I’m not tucked away in a random soft corner reading, I’m running with my dog or chasing after the kid, running my Pilates studio, crafting or watching classic movies (ok…you got me, it’s actually cartoons on Netflix! hahaha).

I love nothing more than curling up with a good book and reading through the night, then blaming my next day grumpiness on “insomnia” and not on my “read a whole book last night” habit!